New Mexico State University


New Mexico State University, is a public research university that operates under the Morrill Acts. It's also known as NM State or NMSU. The institution opened its doors on September 17, 1888. Its campus is situated in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It’s the oldest higher education organization in the state. NMSU is also one of its two leading universities. 21.694 students enrolled in NM state university campuses in 2021. The university has branch campuses in Alamogordo, Carlsbad, and other cities across the state. The NMSU also has research and extension centers around New Mexico.

History of NMSU

Hiram Hadley, a teacher from Indiana was the founder of New Mexico State University. The institution was first known as Las Cruces College. At first, the institution was a jack of all trades. At that time it taught future university applicants, businessmen, and elementary students. Back then there were no such things as an essay writing service or other forms of homework help. Students had to rely on themselves or each other to get academic help. Whether or not it was a major factor in forming the university’s values is up to debate. A decade later an agricultural college appeared in the area. Officials used the Morrill Act to make it a land-grant college of New Mexico. At that time it bore the name of New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. The institutions merged into one entity on January 21, 1890. Back then the NMSU campus only had 6 staff members and 35 students. The state renamed it New Mexico A&M by a constitutional amendment.

University of New Mexico Campus

NMSU's main campus is a dream for those who want to study agriculture. The university stands on 900 acres or 360 hectares in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The area lies near Interstate 25 and Interstate 10. The latter is the main highway across the United States south. The NMSU golf course, the Ranch Heritage Museum, and New Mexico Farm are east of Interstate 25. The University of New Mexico campus has 48 acres of horse farmland. South of University Avenue are:

- Grape vineyards

- The Fabian Garcia Science center

- A teaching and demonstration garden

- Equipment for studying algal biofuels

The New Mexico State University has a presence in all 33 New Mexico counties. The institution has 13 science centers. It also owns a satellite learning center in Albuquerque. There are 5 campuses in different parts of the state.

Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center

The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center is a biotech research institution. It supports biotechnology research at the institution and the southwest region. SWBIC also provides lab and computer infrastructure. The institution supports biotech research and education. They do this at the University of Southwest New Mexico and other places. The center offers access to vast information storage on biotechnology. It also develops its own bioinformatics and educational services. SWBIC advocates for sharing information between different branches. Including academia, industry, government, and defense structures. Its employees provide biotech training and promote biotech in Historically Black Colleges.

 The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center provides such things as:

- Educational resources. They include online courses, workshops, classroom resources. Students also have access to Outbreak!, Origin: Unknown, and iDNAfication games.
- Internet Resources. Anybody can access a database of over 4000 links. They include internet sites with bioinformatics tools, educational resources, and industry information.
- Products and Services. Including biotech tools, clip art, and databases with the SWBIC Industry Register.

The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University

Contrary to popular knowledge NMSU courses are not confined to agriculture. It has the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine on its land. It's a private medical school situated on its campus. It’s the first osteopathic med school in the state. The institution is one of the two medical schools in the state. The other is the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Students are free to use NMSU facilities, including on-campus housing. The first lessons started in August 2016 and the first class graduated in May 2020. BCOM and NMSU currently run a partnership program. Qualified undergraduate students have a guaranteed seat at medical school. They can enroll in it right after graduating. BCOM also has a scholarship at the university.

Housing on NMSU

NMSU provides housing to students who choose to stay on campus. The university has a couple of residential areas they can choose from. These include residential halls, graduate housing, family communities, apartments, thematic communities, and others. NMSU University students can live at:

-  Juniper Hall
- Rhodes Garrett Hamiel
- Vista Del Monte Apartments
- Cervantes Village Apartment Complex

 Students can take virtual tours of the houses. They can see what the housing looks like outside and indoors. The rooms are spacious enough. Students can choose their roommates based on things they want. For example, maybe they don’t want to live with a gamer who likes to stay up late. They go through the process via an online form.

Branson Hall Library and Zuhl Library

The institution has two libraries: Branson Hall Library and Zuhl Library. They have enough information that makes queries like “write my essay by” unnecessary. But students might still have to make use of third-party platforms if they don’t have enough time to do their research in the libraries. The first one opened its doors in 1951. The library contains books and resources on agriculture, business, engineering, science, and archives. There is a bronze sculpture on the north of Branson Hall. Its author is Grant Kinzer who once helmed one of the departments. The second library cost $11 million to build and opened in 1992. Library funds have texts about art, humanities, and sciences. A granite sculpture sits north of Zuhl Library. An Albuquerque native Federico Armijo made it. Going to one of the libraries can be a nice alternative to NMSU online courses.

Museums and Collections of New Mexico University

Students can get tired from NMSU online classes. That’s why they should give university museums a try. The University Museum exhibits and stores pieces of local and regional history. It started to operate in 1959. The Klipsch Museum exhibitions are focused on audio engineering and its 80 years of history. The Zuhl Collection is both a natural history museum and a gallery. It has thousands of specimens of minerals, fossils, and petrified wood. NMSU has a couple of collections, galleries, and museums on its grounds. For example, its Arthropod Museum has over 150.000 research and 5.000 teaching specimens. Researchers around the globe use them to study taxonomy.

Police Department

The NMSU campuses boast a dedicated police department for extra security. There are currently 35 people working there, of whom 22 are policemen. Their number increases during sporting events and concerts. There can be about 50 guards and officers from other departments present. NMSU police have authority on all campuses and university grounds.

Institutes and Research Programs of NMSU

Research Programs

New Mexico State University is one of the most popular US research institutions. At first, the university focused on engineering and agricultural research. Over the years it expanded research programs. Now they cover all the natural sciences and disciplines taught at the university. For example, the NMSU education department is heavily involved in astronomical research. It’s the home of New Mexico's NASA Space Grant Program. Its astronomy department runs the Apache Point Observatory and Sunspot Solar Observatory. The university is deeply involved with NASA. Especially with its Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. The NMSU Physical Sciences Laboratory agreed to teach specialists from Reaction Engines Limited. In 2010 the British company wanted to use its expertise to develop a spaceplane. Every year the university research programs draw $150 million in funding. Specialists estimate that the state of New Mexico gets 1$ billion from their work every year.

Academic Centers and Research Institutes in the University of New Mexico

The New Mexico State University has several research institutes and academic centers. Unfortunately, none of them provide a paper writing service for students. Luckily, plenty of suitable ones can be found online. UnfortIts Agricultural Experiment Station runs agricultural research. They include environmental quality, natural resources management, and improving quality of life. The Arrowhead Center offers intellectual property commercialization, business help, and economic policy evaluation. Students, staff, faculty, and local businesses can use its services. Some of its materials are available online as a part of the NMSU distance learning process. Institute for Energy and Environment deals with problems of water resources and energy production. It offers expertise and technology for HR, public policy, and technical development. All this to meet water and energy demands. It hosts the International Environmental Design Contest. The Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center supports economic development in New Mexico. It does so by offering tech help and education.

Athletics of New Mexico State University

Aside from research facilities, the university is also known for its athletic life. Students learning for NMSU undergraduate degrees can join one of its sports teams. All carry the name of Aggies, based on the institution’s agricultural past. If you are a student, you may question where to take more free time for sports? Don't panic! All you need is to contact a professional essay service with a request "write a paper for me." Currently, the NMSU has baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis teams. The university is a part of the Western Athletic Conference. The only exception is the university’s football team that operates on its own. For the past 6 seasons, New Mexico State was involved with the Sun Belt Conference. The NMSU also participated in the Big West Conference and Missouri Valley Conference. The university also had a women’s equestrian team. It had to disband the team due to budget restraints.

Summing Up

As you can see, the University of Southwest New Mexico is no longer an agricultural school. But, the institution does have many facilities for learning this discipline. Students can learn things on-site while living on campus premises. The number of libraries and museums makes the educational process even easier. Anybody interested in astronomy will have a time of their life in NMSU. Who knows, maybe they’ll be working for NASA after graduation. Take the time to study the capabilities of this university and decide if this is the right choice for you. Good luck!